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Some of our most FAQ

What are your nanny requirements?

  • We require a minimum of 3 years of professional child care experience for a nanny to be eligible to apply with our agency. We have nannies with anywhere from 3 to 20+ years of experience, so there is a wide range. We also require each nanny to complete a full background check, motor vehicle search and most importantly, we require all of our nannies to be CPR certified.


What is the hourly rate for your nannies?

  • Our nannies charge anywhere from $15/hr up to $35/hr. Each nanny is different and has a wide range of experience and expertise.


This is our first time hiring a nanny, do we have to pay taxes?

  • Hiring a nanny or other household staff means you are legally required to pay employment taxes. You must follow federal and state labor laws. To assist you with payroll and tax information, we refer our families to our own personal payroll specialist. Mackenzie Lynch offers her assistance and gives special pricing for all VBNA clients. 


How do you find your nannies?

  • Most of our nannies are referred to us by word of mouth from either families or current nannies. We also partner with several different organizations in the area that help recruit new candidates to our agency. 


How long does it take to find a nanny?

  • From start to finish, our process normally takes between 2-8 weeks. However we have successfully placed nannies in a much shorter time frame.We will do everything in our power to get you the perfect nanny by your ideal start date!

Household Employer Resources

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